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Ancillary Services

Clearing Home

We are willing to undertake all these duties from returning aids to the various agencies to arranging clean up of house and garden in preparation for sale.

Administration of Trusts

Where a Trust is necessary we are able to assist with administration. We provide an impartial link between the Trustee and Beneficiary as they can have differing expectations. Our services enable the Trustee to review independent, professional advice.

Bank Accounts & Superannuation

People often find dealing with these organisations daunting and intimidating at a stressful time. We are happy to negotiate through the maze of requirements on your behalf.


Negotiations with Beneficiaries

Our services include liaising with family members on behalf of the Executor to remove additional stress brought about where there has been a previous break down in relationships with the Executor or Beneficiaries.

Organising Ancillary Services

We undertake to liaise with professionals who have previously provided services to the deceased ie. Accountants, Financial Planners. We can arrange these services to provide advice to the Executor.


Inventories & Valuations

We are able to arrange for inventories of estate assets and obtain appropriate valuations where required.

Dealing with Assets Outside WA

We have considerate experience in dealing with assets outside WA.


Locating Relatives

We have built up a relationship with international agencies that have the expertise to trace lost relatives.

How can we help

Estate Administration Services (WA) provides a service specifically designed as an affordable, personalised and professional alternative to help you wind up an Estate.

Should you wish to find out more about our services please call our freecall number 1800 350 930 or email us or visit us at Facebook

We offer to assist families winding up a deceased estate by acting as “agent” for the Executors of a valid “will” and help family members obtain “letters of administration” if these is “no will”.

  • Provide an initial obligation free meeting
  • Attracts a fixed-price fee, agreed upfront
  • No Estate is too big or too small
  • After hours and home visits at no extra cost
  • Friendly, personalised and experienced service

The variations in requirements of each Estate are taken into account. Our services allow the Executor or Beneficiaries to have a hands -on approach to areas they wish to be involved in. We undertake to do as little or as much as the Executor requires. Additionally we will assist families by performing the following:

  • Identification and interpretation of the last known Will (or the identification of the person(s) entitled to apply for Letters of Administration in the absence of a Will)
  • Determining the beneficial interests and advice beneficiaries accordingly
  • Ascertaining and responding to the immediate needs of the family
  • Protecting the estate assets

–        collecting estate income

–        arranging for the investment of surplus estate funds

–        guarding any business interests

–        ensuring that estate assets are adequately insured

–        securing all estate assets

  • Liaise with banks, superannuation, insurance, water, gas, electric and telephone companies
  • Determining that all assets and liabilities, and preparing a detailed a schedule acceptable to the Supreme Court, including, cash, personal effects, interstate property, real estate, investments, debts owing and payable and business interests
  • Assessing the need to obtain Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration from the Supreme Court
  • Facilitating the preparation of documentation to obtain a Grant from the Supreme Court
  • Administer or finalise the Estate
  • Collect cash assets and pay funeral, debts and other expenses from estate funds
  • Arrange for preparation of income tax return to date of death and for the estate (where possible we work with the deceased’s Accountant)
  • Provide accounting and taxation information to the beneficiaries and their accountants
  • Pay legacies, hand over gifts made in terms of the Will and obtain receipts
  • Assist in establishing trusts and other long-term beneficial interests for minors
  • Transfer assets and make cash payments to the appropriate beneficiaries
  • Prepare detail statements of all transactions recorded in our trust account for the Executors or Administrators approval
  • Distribute final statements to the appropriate parties

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