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Executor of Wills Perth WA

Are you are an executor of wills in Perth, Western Australia? Perhaps you do not have time to attend to the function of being an executor of wills because you are busy at work, run your own business or are home with young children or maybe you just do not know where...

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It’s ok not to be ok!

It is completely normal - and perfectly acceptable - to experience grief over the loss of a loved one.

We all deal with things in our own way... and in our own time.

That said, if you would like some support during such a difficult time there are plenty of options for you in this link. <3


What do you use as your excuse? Approximately 70% of people do not have a current Will. These are the most common excuses we hear in our day to day as well.

Top 7 excuses for not making a will.
Read more here - http://willcraft.com.au/the-top-7-excuses-for-not-making-a-will/

Estate Administration Services WA shared their post.

When a loved one passes, the family is often left overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next..
How is their estate to be managed?
Did they even have a will?
How are debts settled and how will you tie up all their paperwork?

At Estate Administration Services WA we take care of all of "Life's paperwork" which allows you to grieve without the added stress.

Learn more about our services at www.estateadmin.com.au
And free call 1800 350 930 for caring, professional support.

Executors are the ones that have to often deal with these issues. No one grieves the same! This article explains what we often see when working with our clients. It is our job to be able to read what each individual and each family need while also using our skills to move an Estate forward to the overall satisfaction of those involved and also within the law, Will requirements too. It is a balancing act in which it is important to remain neutral and not be moved by emotion yet provide much needed empathy to all involved. Our job is not just paperwork that is for sure. How can we help?