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Executor of Wills Perth WA

Are you are an executor of wills in Perth, Western Australia? Perhaps you do not have time to attend to the function of being an executor of wills because you are busy at work, run your own business or are home with young children or maybe you just do not know where...

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It’s a hassle for many of us in our current day to day lives.
So imagine how much this increases once someone has died. When the funeral is over, the paperwork of the deceased estate needs to be dealt with. And this often causes a great deal of stress for the family and Executors.

Over the years, we have seen many Executors spending countless days searching and then going through all their loved ones paperwork and are still running around to have documents, signed witnessed for many months after their loved one has passed.
And often they have to do it more than once as they didn’t do it right the first time.
It’s a very frustrating time, jumping through the loop holes, figuring out the red tape and requirements, while still juggling their usual work and family commitments.
Companies want their money and the Beneficiaries don’t understand why it’s all taking so long to complete.

The paperwork of a deceased estate is what we do at EASWA. We liaise with Mortgage Centres, Superannuation funds, Accountants, Real Estate agents, Financiers, Centrelink and other organisations.
We help bring clarity to the Beneficiaries and other family members and keep them informed of the progress.
We do all the leg work, so that you can grieve without this type of added stress.
It doesn’t have to be a confusing puzzle. Often the pieces are all there they just need someone to come alongside them and sort those pieces out to make the picture easier to finish.
Tammy @ Estate Administration Services WA

Estate Administration Services WA shared their post.

Is Christmas time difficult for you after the loss of a loved one?

"There was a familiar voice on the end of the phone saying,"He’s dead”. I was thinking they must be joking, so I half giggled and said, “What did they do now to annoy you?”

But then came the words that I will remember to this day....

“No, I mean he IS dead! He has had a heart attack and he is dead!" I dropped to the cold, hard cement floor and screamed so loudly it was devastating. My family sat still for some time as we thought of his family and of all the people who loved him. Our hearts were so heavy......."

For someone who has had a loved one die either during the year or around the Christmas period, it can be such a tough reminder of that person missing their lives.

And then there is often the unfinished paperwork or maybe even the closure of paperwork and financial affairs. The whole experience can turn an already difficult time into a real heavy burden to carry..... almost unbearable for some.

The story above is mine. And unfortunately it is not the only time I have received sad news of a loved one who has passed around Christmas time.

I understand what it feels like and I dedicate each and everyday to serve and help other people in these difficult times.
The families I meet are honestly one of the biggest reasons why I continue the legacy of Estate Administration Services WA.

If we can lighten the heavy burden and make some sense of all the paperwork for them, then just maybe they can have the chance to grieve properly. A chance to move forward in their own way and in their own time.

If any of the above has touched your heart and reminded you of your own losses, please know that we are thinking of you over this time. If we can support you in anyway, we are just a phone call away on 1800 350 930.
Tammy Bija

We would like to wish a clients and supporters a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year🎄. Our office will be closed from 22 December until 8 January 2018. For urgent enquiries you can use our online enquiry form: https://ke388.infusionsoft.com/app/form/easwa-general-enquiry-form or free call 1800 350 930 🌟

At this time of year and as I go about my day to day work with clients, I am hugely aware of the tug of war in their words and thoughts as they grieve over their loss of a loved one.

I can feel that some of them would like to just slip away to a quiet place to let all the noise of this season be still, but in the same moment they fear the quiet.

They may want to be surrounded by as many people as they can so they don’t have to feel the pain of their loss.
So how can we as friends and family try to help them through and be a support for them?

I believe that there are two ways;

1. To firstly acknowledge that they have loved and lost. Especially if it is a recent loss, send a card, deliver a candle, make a call or give an extra hug.

2. Secondly speak of the person they have lost with fondest memories and fun. You may see some tears but honestly they will be tears of relief that they can be themselves. It won’t make everything all better but I can almost guarantee in that moment they will feel less alone.