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Are you are an executor of wills in Perth, Western Australia? Perhaps you do not have time to attend to the function of being an executor of wills because you are busy at work, run your own business or are home with young children or maybe you just do not know where to start.

We have great news for you – assistance is available to help you with the process of winding up the estate.

Estate Administration Services (WA) is an independent West Australian company, which assists executors as their agent.  The executor of a will always stays in control during the process of winding up the estate through wills and probate however the stress and time consuming chores associated with tasks are reduced or eliminated completely.

Where Do I Start?I Am An ExecutorThere Is No Will
*EAS (WA) Pty Ltd is not a trustee corporation nor do we practice the profession of the law or hold ourselves out as being entitled to practice the profession of the law.