We help families and community members in taking care of life's paperwork. We provide an initial "obiligation free" meeting. Our service attracts a once only fixed-price fee in most cases and no Estate is too big or small. We offer after hours and home visits. We aim to provide a friendly, personalised and dedicated service.

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About Us

With close to 20 years experience we have the knowledge to pick up anyone's financial paperwork from any point and in any state and quickly assess the initial and important steps that need to be made in order to finalise an Estate. Then additionally provide support and information on the what, where and how which can direct people to the right path and reduce the stress involved during a difficult time.

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'Tis after death that we measure men'. I was unaware the extent with which Estate Administration Services WA would go in order to ensure I received a satisfactory service. I have chosen this quote by James Baron Hoe as it adequately sums up how I feel having now benefitted from the services EAS has extended to my and my family. - Paul UK,

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It goes without saying that the period following the death of a spouse, child, relative or friend is a very trying time. If you happen to be the person appointed as the Executor or Next of Kin working your way through the deceased estates banking, legal and accounting minefield can be a very overwhelming and time consuming process. You don’t have to go it alone  – Contact Us

When you retain our services you can be assured that we will remove the burden of mountains of paperwork, customer call centres and liaising with various institutions while you remain in complete control over all decisions affecting the Estate.

We are also able to arrange for professional assistance for many ancillary services including grief counselling, tracing lost relatives, dispute mediation, taxation and other advice (including assistance with legal documentation preparation and advice, real estate, furniture and effects valuations).

What are the benefits of Estate Administration Services (WA):

  • Provide an initial obligation free meeting,
  • Attracts a fixed-price fee, agreed upfront
  • No estate is too big or too small
  • After hours and home visits at no additional cost
  • Friendly, personalised and experienced service
  • Do not accept or pay commissions
*EAS (WA) Pty Ltd is not a trustee corporation nor do we practice the profession of the law or hold ourselves out as being entitled to practice the profession of the law.